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Lightroom Tips

1. Use presets for multiple images

To edit multiple images quickly, all you have to do is select the desired image series (Shift + last image in the image series) and then click on sync at the bottom right and the images will be processed with the selected preset.

2. Mark favorites

Who doesn’t know it, you have a favorite picture out of dozens and you can’t find it anymore. Before you have to remember the picture number or look for the picture, you can add a star rating by simply pressing the „5“ and you can filter your favorites or find them quite quickly and in the small picture display.

3. Export setting for Instagram

The most important settings here are the color space, which should always be set to sRGB, and the resolution, which should be 1080×1350 for portrait images. In addition, I always make sure that the quality is 76%.

4. Graduated filter Gradation curve, vignetting, grain, clarity

It’s not just the colors that play a major role in Lightroom, the properties listed above are also elementary to give an image its own style. Here you can also play around with the controls to fine-tune your own style. For example, if you want to achieve a vintage effect, you can increase the grain slightly. If you now want to achieve a so-called „glow effect“, you should draw the clarity into the negative.

5. Important keyboard shortcuts

With the keyboard shortcut (Y+Shift) we get a wonderful before and after conjured up and if you’ve played around with the color slider and then want it all set back to 0, a double-click is enough to reset the slider.

With CTRL + < you can call up the window for the keyboard shortcuts.

6. Desaturate distracting colors

In this example, the brake light from the car bothers us here. What is the best way to desaturate this?

Select Masking (Shift+W) and then turn down the saturation.

7. Golden cut

When cropping an image, you can use „o“ to select a grid here, which can help you find the golden ratio in your image and make the image even more interesting.