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7 creative photography gadgets

Portrait photography with a difference? With some great gadgets you can create portraits that are colourful, creative and simply unique. The nice thing about it is that none of these little helpers don’t cost a fortune, as they are available for less than 20€. I would now like to show you what these are.

1. Colander

Pasta strainers* are not only to be used in the kitchen, but also for creative moments with the light. At best, you don’t have to buy the part, just steal it from the mother, hey!


2. Funny Glittering

Yes, this glittering* is really a creative support with light. Otherwise, this backpack is also an ingenious companion at every BadTasteParty.


3. Prism

This part* is used very often due to its diverse creative possibilities. But be careful, once dropped it sucks.


4. Suncatcher

Rainbow in the form of rays ? Whether on faces or in the room, the suncatcher* always looks good.


5. Bubblemachine


blubberdiblubb. Soap bubbles are a great invention, it’s a shame that there isn’t an edible version of it yet… hm, have I just discovered a gap in the market? Well, it doesn’t matter, such a bubble machine* is available from a mere 20€.


6. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights* offer a wonderful opportunity to create a warm lighting atmosphere. 

7. Red Light

In principle, you only need a flashlight* and a red light filter*. After that the fun can start.